California Tree Nut Conference Agenda

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1.50hrs DPR

3.0hrs CCA

1.50hrs FREP

7:00 AM

Registration / Trade Show

8:00 AM
CDFA Priorities for the Tree Nut Industry; Overview of Pollinator Coalition

California Ag Secretary Karen Ross will outline priorities for CDFA, including soil health, carbon sequestration, and IPM, and how the agency will support nut growers in implementing those priorities. Then Ross and Laurie Davies Adams provide an overview of the new California Pollinator Coalition and plans to scale up efforts to protect pollinators in California.
MODERATOR: Jason Scott, Publisher, West Coast Nut Magazine
Karen Ross, California Secretary of Agriculture, CDFA
Laurie Davies Adams, Director of Programs, Pollinator Partnership

8:40 AM
Tree Nut Industry Leadership Panel: Where Are We Heading?

Interact with top leaders in the various tree nut segments as they share their ideas about the future of the nut industry and where it is headed.
MODERATOR: Jason Scott, Publisher, West Coast Nut Magazine
ALMONDS: Richard Waycott, CEO, Almond Board of California;
WALNUTS: Michelle Connelly, Executive Director and CEO, California Walnut Board and California Walnut Commission
PISTACHIOS: Richard Matoian, CEO, American Pistachio Growers
PECANS: Mark Hendrixson, Director, California Pecan Growers Association

9:30 AM
Break / Trade Show Post Harvest Nutrition Demonstration
Demonstration related to getting the most out of post harvest nutrition programs.

10:30 AM
Irrigation Technology and Automating Monitoring Systems in Tree Nut Crops
Panelists will discuss existing and emerging technologies to determine soil and plant water status for data-driven irrigation management in nut crops. Why pressure bombs are important for evaluating stress to time irrigations, the difficulty in adoption and new work to automate the process and make it easier for growers. Further discussion of new technologies such as cosmic ray soil moisture sensing to collect data across the orchard and automated devices to measure stem water potential.
Ken Shackel, UC Davis Professor of Pomology
Isaya Kisekka, UC Davis Professor of Irrigation
Ryan Kaplan, Pressure Bomb Express
Nathan Azevedo, WaterLabs

11:30 AM
Industry Sponsored Talk TriCal: Nematode Management in California Tree Nut Crops
A look at identification of nematodes in nut orchards, potential management tools and considerations for management decisions.
Kristi Sanchez, Senior Researcher / Nematologist, TriCal Diagnostics

12:00 PM
Industry Sponsored Talk Semios: New Technology for Monitoring and Managing Insect Pests in Nut Crops
A look at automated camera traps, spray timing tools and variable rate mating disruption to automate pest management for nut crops based on conditions in the orchard. Overview of pest behavior and management of navel orangeworm, codling moth, oblique banded leaf roller and other nut pests.
Abby Welch, Entomologist / PCA, Semios

12:30 PM

1:30 PM