California Walnut Conference Agenda

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Day 1

Time Seminars Workshops
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8:00 AM


Mohamed Nouri, UCCE Orchard systems Advisor, San Joaquin County

Walnut growers are successfully controlling Bot but research has revealed new information on Phomopsis and its role in the bot/Phomopsis complex. What are the implications for management of bot and Phomopsis for walnut growers?

Where Your Production Research Dollars are Going and Why?

Joe Grant, Research Director, California Walnut Board

Since 1975, the CWB’s production research program has been funding scientific research to improve orchard productivity and profitability. CWB Research Director Joe Grant will explain how the program works: how problems are sorted and prioritized for research and how the program oversees the progress of multi-year projects to ensure they remain on target toward practical solutions to production challenges.

8:30 AM

Walnut Huskfly Panel: Why does huskfly continue to plague walnut growers and what can they do about it?

Moderator: Bob Van Steenwyk, Research Entomologist, UC Berkeley

Panelists: John Post, Pest Control Advisor, and Hal Crain, Crain Ranch.

Learn about the key components of a successful walnut husk fly control program from a research, PCA and grower perspective. 

Benefits of Delayed Irrigation in Walnuts

Luke Milliron, UC Cooperative Extension, Orchard Systems Advisor, Butte County

New research is shedding light on the best timing for starting irrigation sets for walnuts. UCCE Farm Advisor Luke Milliron shares the benefits on delayed irrigation and optimum timing.

9:00 AM Contd

Integrating Information Into Irrigation Scheduling

Isaya Kisekka, Associate Professor of Ag Water Management, UC Davis

Hear about the latest techniques and outlook for future technologies for scheduling irrigation in walnut orchards.

9:30 AM

Update on Walnut Mold and its Management in California

Themis Michailides, Plant Pathologist, UC Kearney Ag Research and Extension Center

UC Plant Pathologist Themis Michailides shares new findings on walnut mold and implications for in-season spray programs.

The Latest on Post-Harvest Research

Josh Rahm, Director Technical and Regulatory Affairs, CWB and CWC

Join CWB/CWC, Director, Technical & Regulatory Affairs, Joshua Rahm for an overview of the CWB Post-Harvest Research Program and an enhanced discussion with PI’s Selina Wang and Elizabeth Mitcham on product quality, shelf-life, the future items of interest and impact to the walnut industry and much more.

10:00 AM Break / Trade Show Break / Trade Show
11: 00 AM

The Future of Pesticides in Walnuts

Josh Rahm, Director Technical and Regulatory Affairs, CWB and CWC

Join CWB/CWC Director, Technical & Regulatory Affairs Joshua Rahm and an expert panel regarding regulatory issues impacting pesticides for a roundtable discussion on future registration of pest management products, how key Ag stakeholders see the future of crop protection in walnuts and much more.

Spotlight on International and Emerging Markets

Claire Lee, Assistant International Marketing Director, CWC

Developing markets is essential for future growth. This session will take an in-depth look at two emerging markets: India and the Middle East.

11:30 AM Contd

The Future of Walnut Varieties

Patrick J. Brown, Nut Crops Breeder, UC Davis

UC Davis’ Pat J. Brown discusses filling the future needs of Walnut Growers (walnut blight resistance, walnut husk fly resistance, rancidity, etc.) through the development of new varieties.

12:00 PM Walnut Industry Lunch Walnut Industry Lunch
1:00 PM

State of the Industry

California Walnut Board and Commission

1:30 PM

Regulatory Issues Affecting Walnut Growers

Josh Rahm, Director Technical and Regulatory Affairs, CWB and CWC

Join CWB/CWC Director Technical & Regulatory Affairs, Joshua Rahm for a complete California state roundup on technical & regulatory affairs of impact to the walnut industry.

2:00 PM Break / Trade Show ~
3:00 PM

U.S. Retail Panel: Current Trends and the Opportunity for Walnuts

Moderator: Jennifer Olmstead, Senior Marketing Director, CWB
Panelists: Don Ladhoff, FreshSmart Solutions, Codie Hair, Produce Business Manager and Joseph Bunting, Produce Business Director for United Supermarkets

When it comes to the holidays, walnuts are top-of-mind with retail grocery buyers, but what about the rest of the year? Retail marketing expert Don Ladhoff, FreshSmart Solutions, will share learnings from recent national programs and opportunities for capturing the attention of consumers and buyers alike in order to drive year-round purchase at retail. Codie Hair, Produce Manager & Joseph Bunting, Produce Business Director for United Supermarkets will also join the session to share their experience on promoting walnuts outside of the traditional holiday selling season.

3:30 PM

SGMA – What it means for you and where it’s coming from

Mike Wade, Executive Director, California Farm Water Coalition

After years of development, the rubber now meets the road with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Mike Wade of the California Farm Water Coalition explains what that means for Central Valley growers.

4:00 PM Adjourn ~

Day 2

Time Seminars Workshops
7:00 AM Registration / Trade Show Registration / Trade Show
8:00 AM Impacts of Drought and Climate Change to Walnut Pests Including NOW
Jhalendra Rijal, UCCE Integrated Pest Management Advisor, Stanislaus County

This talk will explore the relationship between drought-stressed trees and how that potentially increases plant susceptibility to multiple pests in tree fruit systems, including spider mites and wood borer pests. Furthermore, the talk covers the overall impact of changing climate on the navel orangeworm population and generations and pest management options.

Using Social Media to Reach the Next Generation of Consumers
Jennifer Williams, U.S. Marketing Director, CWB and CWC

Learn about the advantages of using social media to reach the next generation of consumers and why having a social presence is key to growing walnut usage among younger audiences.

8:30 AM Mites- A Growing Concern in Walnuts
David Haviland, UCCE IPM Advisor, Kern County

Effective Spider mite management in walnuts requires the use of cultural, biological and chemical controls.  This presentation will discuss options for each type of control method, and how they can be coordinated into an integrated pest management program.”

Navigating the Challenges of Global Trade
Pamela Graviet, Senior International Marketing Director, CWC

Understanding market dynamics is a critical component for industry success. This session will highlight the challenges facing the industry as well as opportunities for future growth..

9:00 AM New Technologies in Spraying and Why Calibration Will Still Be Important
Franz Niederholzer, UCCE Orchard Systems Farm
Advisor, Colusa/Sutter/Yuba County

How can pesticides, PGRs and foliar nutrients be cost-effectively delivered in a world of rising costs, rising regulatory pressure, reduced labor availability and high crop quality standards? Spray technology tools that may help answer this question and how a grower or PCA can ground check this technology will be the subject of this presentation.

Biologicals What are They and Where
Do They Fit?
9:30 AM Crown Gall–Rootstocks, Treatments and Strategies
Kari Arnold, UCCE Farm Advisor, Stanislaus County

A presentation discussing what crown gall is, how to identify it in the field, how crown gall makes its way into the orchard and how to manage it, and how rootstocks relate to crown gall and the future of crown gall research.

Living with Low Winter Chill in Walnuts
Katherine Jarvis-Shean, UCCE Orchard Systems Advisor, Sacramento County

UCCE Farm Advisor Kat Jarvis-Shean helps us understand the circumstances around winter chill in walnuts and implications for crop management moving forward.

10:00 AM Break / Trade Show Break / Trade Show
11: 00 AM Walnut Blight- Moving Forward With a New Look at Bactericides for Disease Management
Jim Adaskaveg, Plant Pathologist, UC Riverside

The walnut industry is facing an ongoing battle to have effective bactericides available for managing walnut blight that also meet environmental safety standards, do not select for resistance in human or animal pathogens, and that do not restrict the international marketing of the crop. The bacterial disease walnut blight can be devastating in years with favorable environmental conditions without successful management. This talk will look at the best strategy to move forward.

From Research to Purchase: Translating evidence-based nutrition science in
engaging and actionable ways
Carol Sloan, RDN, FAND, Health Research Director, CWC

From clinical trials and epidemiological studies to nutrient composition, Sloan will share a brief history and update on current industry supported projects in place which will extend the understanding of the nutritional values of walnuts. Discussion points will include walnuts contribution to a healthy diet, dietary patterns and food modeling.

11:30 AM At a Crossroads with NOW in Walnuts: What to Do, Where to Go?
Houston Wilson, UCCE Assistant Specialist

With increasing contiguous acres of nut crops in the Central Valley, NOW is becoming a larger concern for walnut growers in California. This session looks at NOW in walnuts, management, future research needs, and how an area wide approach can help address those concerns.

Nitrogen Management in Walnuts
Katherine Jarvis-Shean, UCCE Orchard Systems Advisor, Sacramento County

An overview of sampling, timing, and application of nitrogen in walnuts and best management practices for nitrogen in an increasingly regulated and cost-intensive environment.

12:00 PM Adjourn Adjourn