2021 Subjective Yield Survey Results for Hazelnuts Released

The projected 2021 hazelnut crop size is 125.2 million pounds, which if realized would be a new record (photo by Mitch Lies.)

Hazelnut Marketing Board released its annual Subjective Yield Survey, and the 2021 crop has the potential to be a new high for the industry.

The projected crop size, according to a Hazelnut Marketing Board press release, is 125.2 million pounds or 62,603 tons. The values were calculated from grower survey cards cross-referenced with field mapping statistics from a Pacific Agricultural Survey December 2020 report. Across the ranges of tree age (0 to 4 years, 5 to 10 years, mature) in the survey, 84,190 acres were accounted for.

Oregon Hazelnut Industry Office Executive Director Colleen Nihen commented on the positives for the industry that the projected crop brings. “A projected yield of this size is a great sign for the industry; even after such a tough weather year in 2021, to have a potential record set yet again shows that our growers are seeing the fruits of their labor,” she said. “It wasn’t long ago that 30,000 tons per year was the norm; it would be exciting for 60,000 tons to be the new norm.”

Nihen noted some speculation surrounding this year’s projected crop after a record year in 2020. Answers anticipating yield growth on survey cards distributed by Hazelnut Marketing Board varied widely as a result of 2021’s ice storm in February and extreme heat and drought during the summer months. However, the calculated projected crop size eased industry concerns.
“We were concerned that the crop could drop after a record harvest in 2020, but this projection shows we should be right in line with last year,” she said.

One difference between the data collection in 2021 compared to 2020 is a lack of the usual Objective Yield Survey conducted by USDA-NASS. While the Objective Yield Survey is typically done along with the Subjective Yield Survey, according to the press release, a recent labor shortage was cause for the completion of only the Subjective Yield Survey in 2021.

“Without the Objective Yield Survey, the Subjective Yield Survey becomes even more critical in helping our processors and growers plan for harvest season,” Nihen said. “This is the lone industrywide data point of its kind we have this year, which makes it even more crucial to everybody in the industry.”

Any questions regarding the Subjective Yield Survey may be directed to the Hazelnut Industry Office at 503-582-8420.